You asked: How do you upgrade your car in Need for Speed Carbon?

How do you upgrade cars in Need for Speed Carbon?

Performance parts can be used to improve a vehicle’s top speed, acceleration and handling in Need for Speed: Carbon. Performance parts are accessible via the My Cars menu and in Safehouses within the career mode. They are available in Street, Pro and Race packages, with the latter being the most effective upgrades.

What is the best car in Need for Speed Carbon?

Lotus Elise

This little devilkin was the best car in Most Wanted. Better than Mercedes’, Astons, Porsches – most of the players drove the Elise. In fact it didn’t lose its main speed in Carbon, which is handling in the corners, but when compared to tier III cars it is simply too slow. But it’s worth driving.

How do you upgrade cars in Need for Speed?

In Need for Speed Payback, players upgrade their cars by purchasing parts cards out of tune-up shops located around the map. The parts are available at random and refresh after certain intervals, typically 30 minutes.

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How do you cheat on Need for Speed Carbon?

Cheat List

  1. 5grand5grand – unlocks Castrol Cash.
  2. bigredfiredrive – unlocks Fire Truck (Quick Race)
  3. canyonalltheway – unlocks all tracks.
  4. chasingheadlocksappliedrashtalk – unlocks Mazda Dealership.
  5. chasingmobile – unlocks Corvette Z06 Interceptor (Quick Race)
  6. cooperlogofreeforyou – unlocks Cooper Tire Logo.


How do you get a Porsche Carrera GT in Need for Speed Carbon?

The Carrera GT appears in Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City and is unlocked after Clutch is defeated in the PlayStation Portable release. It is unlocked in the Gameboy Advance release after MK is defeated as it replaces the Carrera S featured in the PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS releases.

How do you beat Darius in Need for Speed Carbon?

Just make sure you effectively block the road. So the best car to beat Darius is any Tier 3 car that has an almost maxed out to maxed out acceleration or a high acceleration that you can jack up further.

What cars are in Need for Speed Carbon?


Vehicle Tier Unlock/Notes
Alfa Romeo Brera Tier 1 Begin Career
Mercedes Benz CLK 500 Tier 1 Begin Career
Aston Martin DB9 Tier 2 Turf in Career

What is NFS Carbon Collectors Edition?

The Need for Speed: Carbon – Collector’s Edition features 4 exclusive cars, 10 pre-tuned cars, 6 new races, 3 unique challenge events, 10 unique vinyls and a Bonus DVD showing the making of Carbon and showcasing all the cars used in the game.

What is the max rep level in Need for Speed payback?

Earning a certain number of reputation points will reward the player with an increase to the next Rep Level up to level 50.

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Can you swap speed cards between cars?

No you cannot move or mount speed cards from one car onto another car but maybe they will add it in future updates.

What is the code for Need for Speed Carbon?

Need For Speed Carbon Cheat Codes

Cheat Code Effect
lotsoffreevinyls Unlocks Need For Speed Carbon Special Logo Vinyls.
pharrellvinylgogo Unlocks the Pharrell Vinyl.
5grand5grand Unlocks Castrol cash.
shinycarsarethebestcars Unlocks chrome cars.

Is the AE86 in Need for Speed Carbon?

The Corolla GT-S appears in Need for Speed: Carbon as a tier 2 tuner class car available as part of various downloadable content packs. It is offered in three downloadable content packs: The Toyota Corolla GTS AE86 car pack for the Xbox 360 release. The Custom Car Bundle 2 for the PC and Xbox 360 releases.

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