Who has won the Triple Crown Motor Racing?

Driver Indianapolis 500 winner 24 Hours of Le Mans winner
Emerson Fittipaldi 1989, 1993
Jacques Villeneuve 1995
Juan Pablo Montoya 2000, 2015
Fernando Alonso 2018, 2019

How many racing drivers have won the Triple Crown?

Only one driver, Graham Hill has completed the feat. An alternative definition is to include the Formula One World Championship instead of the Monaco GP; in which case, Graham Hill is still the only driver to have the Triple Crown.

Did Graham Hill win Le Mans?

Hill is most celebrated for being the only driver ever to win the Triple Crown of Motorsport, an achievement which he defined as winning the Indianapolis 500, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship.

Graham Hill.

24 Hours of Le Mans career
Class wins 1 (1972)

Did Mario Andretti win Le Mans?

The 24 Hours of Le Mans has always been a passion for Andretti, though his dream of winning the race never came to fruition. … Here he shares some memories and inside stories from his eight participations across three decades, from 1966 to 2000.

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What is the most prestigious car race in the world?

1. Monaco Grand Prix (F1) The Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, run since 1929 in the tight streets of Monte Carlo, is undoubtedly the most glamorous of all races. There is virtually no run-off, concrete barriers lining both sides of nearly the entire track.

Did Ken Miles win Le Mans?

British-born Ken Miles was a gifted race car engineer and driver. … Miles won the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring in 1966, and placed second at Le Mans. Miles died in a crash while testing Ford’s J-Car later that year.

What motorsport has the most deaths?

Read on below for the six most deadly.

  1. Isle of Man – 242.
  2. Nürburgring – 68. …
  3. Indianapolis Motor Speedway – 56. …
  4. Spa-Francorchamps – 48. …
  5. Monza – 42. …
  6. Dakar Rally – 27. …
  7. Le Mans – 22. …


Who is Damon Hill’s father?

Graham Hill

Which current driver has the most fastest laps in Monaco?

This was reintroduced in the 2019 season. As of the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix, 135 different drivers have set a fastest lap in a Formula One Grand Prix.

By driver.

Rank 1
Driver Michael Schumacher
Country Germany
First fastest lap 1992 Belgian Grand Prix
Last fastest lap 2012 German Grand Prix

Who is Mario Andretti’s son?

Марио Андретти/Сыновья

Does Mario Andretti have a twin brother?

Aldo Andretti

How old is Rick Mears?

69 years (December 3, 1951)

How old is Marco Andretti?

34 years (March 13, 1987)

What is the hardest car race in the world?

Here is a list of the 10 most extreme car and motorcycle races in the world today.

  • The Dakar Rally.
  • East African Safari Rally. …
  • The 24 Hours Nürburgring Race. …
  • 24 Hours of Le Mans. …
  • The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy. …
  • Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. …
  • The Rainforest Challenge. …
  • The King of the Hammers Race. …
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Which is oldest motor race?

The Paris–Bordeaux–Paris race of June 1895 has sometimes been described as the “first motor race”, despite the 1894 event being decided by speed and finishing order of the eligible racers.

Which is the top race in the world?

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