Question: What does it mean to double bulb in drag racing?

The two photocells activate the Pre-Stage, and the Stage lights. … When both the Pre-Stage and Stage lights are lit, this means that the driver is on the starting line, and ready to go. There is also a situation called a Deep Stage, where the driver bumps his car forward even more until only the Pre-Stage bulb goes out.

What is double Bulbing?

Probably double-bulbed. Also called quick-staging a guy. It’s when you light both the Pre-Stage and Stage bulbs before the guy in the other lane lights the Pre-Stage bulb. Staging courtesy is that you light the Pre-Stage bulb, then wait for the other guy to do the same before you roll ahead and light the second bulb.

Why do drag racers bump in?

For drag racers, there’s a thousand ways to do everything. The Bump Box essentially delivers all of the power from the transmission to the tire, for a very brief amount of time, allowing it to move forward a specific distance into the stage beams.

What is deep staging in drag racing?

Deep staging is the practice of rolling forward enough to turn off the prestage light. The thought behind this is you are closer to the finish line than your opponent.

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What does nt mean in drag racing?

NT = No Time (do not flash their ET and MPH on the scoreboard) PT = Pro Tree (no countdown after both racers are staged; you get all the yellows at once and the green is .400 later)

What is staging a car?

A stage represents a set of upgrades fitted as a set. As you might expect, a stage is how far you’ve gone with tuning part of your car. Stage 2 represents a more tuned car than stage 1. Where things can get a bit confusing is that what each “stage” means can vary from car to car, and even from tuner to tuner.

What does r/u mean in drag racing?

Lingo: Reaction time. You could also say: R.T.; to try for a good R.T. is to push the ‘tree. To succeed is to cut a good light. Definition: The amount of time between when the green light comes on and when the car rolls forward enough to break the stage beam.

Can you put a Transbrake on a manual?

Introducing the MANSBRAKE. AKA a transbrake for manual transmission equipped vehicles! … This device will allow you to set clutch engagement on a button and will also slip your clutch upon release of your transbrake button.

What is the scramble button in drag racing?

The scramble button on a turbo car is probably a button that slams the waste gates shut to spike the boost for a big finish line blast. These cars have electronically controlled waste gates that control the boost as the car goes down the track. That or it might be a nitrous kit on a turbo car.

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What is a good reaction time for drag racing?

When both are in place, the starter flips the switch to light the amber ready lights atop the “Christmas Tree.” Exactly four-tenths of a second later the green light comes on and the driver can leave the line (thus . 400 seconds is considered a perfect Reaction Time).

How do drag racing trees work?

Modern drag races are started electronically by a system known as a Christmas tree. … The “Standard” tree will light up each large amber light consecutively with a . 500 second delay in between them, then followed by the green light after another . 500 second delay.

What is a pro tree in drag racing?

The Pro Tree is when all three amber lights flash simultaneously followed four-tenths of a second later by the green light ( green is when you gas the vehicle forward). … The Sportsman Tree is used for exhibition, Street Legal Drag events and other non-Pro NHRA events (Dragsters, Funny cars etc.).

What does nt PT mean?


Acronym Definition
NTPT National Terrorism Preparedness Training (NIJ/DoJ)

What does a hit mean in street racing?

To get the “go”, jump, break, hit, kick, or move is to start the race without the flagger. This is another system of handicapping that requires one car to wait until they see the other car start to move before they are allowed to leave their starting line.

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