How do you use nitro in Need for Speed Rivals?

Nitro is always equipped and can be activated with the A button. It recharges automatically by stunting. Turbo is a pursuit tech upgrade for the racers. It gives you a massive boost of speed.

How do you use nitrous in Need for Speed?

All version of the game offer nitrous, and each one requires the touch of a single button to use. Press the “B” button to activate the nitrous on the Xbox 360 version. Use the “Circle” button to activate the nitrous for PS3. Press the “R” button to use nitrous in the PSP version.

How do you activate Turbo in Need for Speed Rivals?

Select turbo in pursuit tech in slot 1 or 2, When you hit the turbo button on the road try not to collide with anything whilst turbo is active and you will see a message across the centre of your screen stating that you have a perfect turbo!

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How do you get perfect nitrous?

When you push the nitro button twice you will see a red area in the nitro bar. When you nitro reaches the red are again press the nitro button and you will get a perfect nitro.

How do you use Pursuit Tech in Need for Speed Rivals PS3?

You press ‘Y’ to activate your pursuit tech and hit against the racer. To activate a pursuit tech, go to your hideout and it should be there.

How do you get perfect nitrous on Need for Speed Rivals ps4?

Get Perfect Nitrous.

  1. If you manage to deplete a full bar of Nitrous without smashing into any objects or other cars on the road, you will have recorded a Perfect Nitrous. …
  2. To avoid hitting other cars or objects, press the Left and Right Arrow keys very subtly each time you need to switch lanes.

What is a slipstream in Need for Speed Rivals?

If you check the web, Slipstreaming is a special technique where a car follows another car by staying right behind the leading car. … In this technique, you keep your car position in such a way that the front tires are exactly at the either side of the leading car.

What is a Turbo Slam?

Slam is when you hit someone on the side. You need to use the pursuit tech turbo and then hit them on the side of their car.

What is a perfect Nitro?

You can use the Nitro normally to get a small boost of speed but the biggest possible boost is known as the Perfect Nitro. Tap the Nitro button once and wait for it to hit the small blue line before tapping it a second time to get a much longer and more powerful boost.

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How do you trigger a perfect Nitro in asphalt Nitro?

How to get Perfect Nitro Triggered in Asphalt 8: Airborne Press the Nitro Button, After 2 seconds press it again. Its very easy.

How do you do a 360 on asphalt 9?

Spin your car at 360 degree

If you want to increase your nitro bar on the spur of a moment, tap two times on the nitro switch to get a 360-degree spin.

What is hit a racer with pursuit Tech?

The main advantage of this modification is that after charging the controlled car it damages other vehicles which get in contact with it. You can use it in two ways: hit racers’ cars and police cars on your own or activate the described technology after you see opponent’s car in the rear mirror.

What is the best pursuit Tech in Need for Speed Rivals?

Helicopter. A possibility of calling police helicopter for help is the most expensive pursuit technology available in cop career. This is not the only bad news because this modification is getting really useful starting on the third level.

What is pursuit tech turbo?

Turbo. The Turbo system gives a rapid boost of vehicle acceleration that lasts until its power is depleted or a strong collision occurs. Higher levels will increase duration while giving more boosts to use.

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