How do you get level boost tickets on Mario Kart Tour?

The best way to get Level Boost tickets is through playing the game and earning Tour Rewards as Level Boost tickets are one of the rewards in this pool. (Gold Pass subscribers will get more tour gifts than non subs so you’ll definitely get more level boosts as a paying player).

How do you get more level boost tickets?

Most of the Tour Gifts gives Level-Boost Ticket. Collect stars to unlock tour gifts and obtain Level-Boost Tickets. Buy a Gold pass subscription for more chances of getting Level-Boost Tickets.

How do you get skill tickets in Mario Kart Tour?

You can get tickets by Log-in bonus, tour gifts, shop, and the gold pass. These are quite rare, but they are the easiest way to level up the character or equipment you want to upgrade, so use them wisely!

How do you use boost tickets on Mario Kart Tour?

How to Use Point-Boost Tickets

  1. Go to the Menu and select Drivers, Karts or Gliders.
  2. Select any driver, kart or glider which you want to increase the base points of.
  3. Tap the Points option.
  4. Tap Raise to raise the base points using a Point-Boost Ticket.
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What are 10 boost tickets?

Level-boost tickets are items in Mario Kart Tour used to increase the skill level of a specific driver, kart, or glider by filling up the gauge to level up with 1. If the driver, kart, or glider has already reached the maximum skill level, no further level-boost tickets can be used.

How do you use Star tickets in Mario Kart?

How to Use Star Tickets

  1. Navigate to a Cup or Tour Gift that requires Grand Stars to unlock.
  2. Tap the Star ticket to use it.
  3. The cup or tour will be unlocked if you have the right amount of star tickets.


How do you get point-cap ticket in Mario Kart?

You can obtain Point-Cap Tickets by getting a high place (1st, 2nd, or 3rd place) in This Weeks’ Ranked Cup. Points-Cap Tickets will only appear for players that are in 25th Tier or higher.

How do you get more driving points on Mario Kart?

How to Increase Base Points

  1. Point-Boost Tickets. Use Point-Boost Tickets to quickly upgrade your karts, gliders, and drivers to increase their base points. …
  2. Point-Cap TIckets. You can further increase the max base point of your drivers, karts, and gliders by using a Point-Cap Ticket. …
  3. Finishing races.


How do you level up your driver in Mario Kart Tour?

To level up your drivers, gliders and karts, you need to use tickets. From the main menu, click on either drivers, karts, or gliders. From there, select the item you wish to level up. You will need the appropriate ticket, depending on if you want to level up a driver, glider, or kart.

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How do you do a Ultra Mini Turbo on Mario Kart Tour?

The Ultra Mini-Turbo is the final stage of the drift boosting combo. If you hold a drift long enough, the orange sparks of the Super Mini-Turbo will turn pinkish-purple. When those sparks appear, release your finger from the screen and your racer will dart forward with an Ultra Mini-Turbo boost.

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