Frequent question: How do I get a job in Formula 1?

How do I get a job in F1?

5 top tips for getting a job in Formula 1

  1. 1) Research exactly what it is that you want to do. Many people say “I want to work in Formula 1” but there are so many different jobs within the sport. …
  2. 2) Learn about and immerse yourself in motor racing. …
  3. 3) Look beyond F1 at back door routes into motorsport. …
  4. 4) Get involved and volunteer. …
  5. 5) Never, ever give up.


What jobs can you do in Formula 1?

Roles in F1 TM

  • Aerodynamics. Find out more. Design. Find out more. Race Team. Find out more.
  • Hospitality. Find out more. Marshalling. Find out more.
  • Travel & Logistics. Find out more. IT. Find out more. Finance. Find out more.
  • HR. Find out more. Media. Find out more. Marketing. Find out more.

How hard is it to get a job in F1?

It is not impossible for graduates and school leavers to get a job at an F1 team straight after their studies but if this doesn’t work out there are ways in via the back door. Competition for jobs in other race series is much lower but they still offer valuable experience that would greatly interest F1 teams.

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What degree do you need to work in F1?

Entry requirements: You’ll usually need to complete a university degree or a degree apprenticeship. At university you could study an Engineering Foundation degree, Higher National Diploma (HND) or relevant Engineering degree.

Why is there no Lamborghini in F1?

Part of what makes Lamborghini’s first Formula 1 venture quite odd is that the carmaker didn’t want its name on the car. In fact, F1 Technical reports that the carmaker didn’t want to affect its brand image in the public eye.

What is the salary of a F1 engineer?

At this level, salaries are upwards of £450,000 per year. Therefore, if you have the passion for racing, the academic qualifications and the attributes required of a race engineer, then a race car engineer role is surely the ultimate job for you.

How do you become a Formula 1 pit crew member?

Pit crew members are mechanics. So you need to get a job of F1 mechanic. If you studied mechanical engineering or have some experience as a racing mechanic, you can apply for a job directly in the team. But be aware that salaries in F1 are pretty low unless you’re on a top position.

Do F1 marshals get paid?

Are Marshals paid? No. … All Marshals are volunteers who enjoy being part of motor sport.

What does a F1 test driver do?

A test driver, often referred to as a test and reserve driver, is a racing driver who is employed by a Formula One team to be involved in the development and testing of a particular F1 car but is not involved in the actual F1 race.

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Can you work in F1 without a degree?

A common question but there has to be a short answer and a long answer… The short answer is NO ! You definately don’t need a degree to work in F1. The vast majority of people who work in F1 do not have degrees and it should be no barrier at all to getting the job of your dreams.

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