Can you reset Need for Speed payback?

How to Reset your game’s progress. … Go to: My Computer > Documents > Need For Speed(TM) Payback > SaveGame > savegame > right click and click delete or select the save and press delete on your keyboard.

How do you start over on Need for Speed payback?

THE ONLY WAY TO RESTART YOUR NFS CAREER Go to games/apps – find NFS click options button(also known as start) – then select manage game – the go to game data – press “start button” again and delete all saved data.

How do you start a new game on need for speed?

To restart your career, when the game loads on the start up screen click setting and reset your journey. Then to confirm your have completed that you will see your rep be at zero in the my NFS section.

How do I start over in Need for Speed Heat PC?

Go to documents folder assuming your on PC and find Need for Speed Heat folder. Delete save game and settings folder. Start the game and chose local data if asked, not cloud. Enjoy !

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How do I fix Need for Speed payback crash?

1. Need For Speed Payback PC- Crash at startup/ CTD/ Game not responding/ APPCRASH/ Black screen fix:-

  1. Update your Nvidia and AMD drivers to the latest versions.
  2. If your game is crashing while going full screen, try playing in windowed mode.


How do you delete characters in Need for Speed Heat?

Go to System Settings, Storage, Saves, NFS… and delete story or game progress.

Can you reset NFS heat?

Re: How do I restart my career in NFS Heat? Go to your PS4 settings…then application saved data management…then saved data in system storage…then NFS Heat save it should be about 81 mb then delete it, play game and you’ll start over again.

Can you restart NFS heat Xbox one?

Go to Settings then press Reset Your Journey. If you are driving, restart the game then (don’t press Play yet) go to Settings.

How do you start over in Need for Speed 2015?

Hello, it is possible for you to restart the game from the beginning. – when you launch the game and get to the the main menu, dont press the Play button, instead go to the settings menu. – there is an option here called “Reset Your Journey”. this will let you start the game again from the start.

Can you have multiple saves on NFS heat?

Re: Game support multiple SAVE profiles? At the moment you can only have one save game per profile. If he owns the game himself then he can login on your PC with his account and he should be able to start his own career.

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Can I replay NFS Heat story?

Yes. All events and races are replayable.

Why is NFS payback not launching?

Re: NFS Payback won’t launch.

Apparently it is required that your Origin application has to be the latest version – 10.5. 5.6040. It probably does not work on older versions of Origin, even if it is v10. So this is what you should do.

How do I fix NFS payback black screen?

Re: Need For Speed Payback – Black Screen Error

  1. Make sure your GPU drivers are up to date.
  2. Try ALT+ENTER the window (change between windowed and full screen) to check if that resolves the issue.
  3. Make sure your Origin application is up to date.

How do I fix DirectX error in NFS payback?

Re: Need For Speed Payback DirectX Error

Click Advanced Tab, you will see Virtual Memory there click Change… If you have multiple disks select one which is NOT SSD (this makes life span of disk way shorter). Tick Custom Size, Set it to 4096 minimal and 4096 maximum. Click Set and Ok and restart PC.

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