How do you view raceboard leaderboards in Forza Horizon 4?

However to access the leaderboards for the main races you need to look in the rivals tab, select your preference then pick the race along with the class then press Y (on xbox) to view the leaderboard then you can press X to scroll through the various boards for that race.

How do you check your leaderboards in Forza Horizon 4?

All of the leaderboards can be found on the Forza community site at

How do I find my rivals leaderboard?

When you’re starting the rivals, before you load into the race, you have an option to select rival. That’s where you can see the leaderboard.

How do I check my fh4 leaderboard?

Skill score press menu button and then find the stats button and it’s in there, it will even tell you which vehicle is you most sucessfull for skills. It has lots of catogories across the top of the screen like Discoveries, horizon Life, Skill, Telemetry ect i can’t remember them all or the order.

How do you view leaderboards in Forza 7?

To view leaderboards, go to Free Race, setup, select Track, select Division, then press Y for Leaderboard. You can choose any division you want.

What Forza rivals?

Rivals events are located in the Single Player menu. These events allow you to select a rival player’s target time from the Leaderboards and race against that player’s ghost. All events begin with a standing start but most events allow unlimited laps to attempt beat the target.

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How does rivals work in Forza 7?

The Rivals area is custom built for time trial based competition among friends in Forza Motorsport 7. Here you can challenge your friends to various tracks, using specific cars and see who can set the fastest lap.

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