How do you change the difficulty on Need for Speed Carbon?

Unfortunately there is no option to change the difficulty setting for Career mode, and you’re stuck with a difficulty curve that looks more like a vertical brick wall. You’ll sail through the game up until the final boss, which at worst will take you about 3 goes.

Can you change difficulty in Need for Speed?


bro NFS has never allowed us to set difficulty. Need For Speed: Most Wanted and Carbon allowed you to change the racer AI difficulty in Quick Race mode.

How do you change the difficulty on Need for Speed Hot Pursuit?

You can’t change the difficulty just like some other need for speed games.

Does difficulty matter in NFS heat?

Edit: NFS Heat… Rewards are the same regardless of difficulty. Only if you play against other players.

What difficulty should I play NFS heat on?

Need for Speed Heat has 3 difficulty settings: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Each settings from experience, increases or reduces the score targets in races and trials. The game is functional offline for single player mode, but for any multiplayer content, you will need an online connection, PS+ or Xbox Live Gold membership.

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Why is NFS 2015 Bad?

Need For Speed 2015 is not a good game, it’s unfinished and should not have been released yet, the car list, handling, customisation, storyline, multiplayer and map are severely lacking. This game was way too over ambitious for Ghost Games with the time frame they were given and it shows.

How do you change the difficulty in Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012?


  1. You can’t change difficulty in this game! User Info: KaiserSephirot. KaiserSephirot – 12 years ago 4 2.
  2. There is no difficulty setting in this game. Thus, you can’t. User Info: kschang77. kschang77 – 12 years ago 2 0.

How do you escape the cops in Need for Speed Heat Reddit?

Find a jump they will be afraid of crashing and go under water, but only go under water when only 1 cop car is following you too many cops cars, go under water don’t work only jumps best if a helicopter following you then find a bunker and hide it in there for awhile, cops are just way to OP overpowered police cars, …

How can I get better at Need for Speed Heat?

Need For Speed Heat tips: 10 things to know before hitting the streets of Palm City

  1. Practice your drifting. …
  2. Don’t worry about hitting obstacles. …
  3. Unlock fast travel points. …
  4. Don’t ignore the collectibles. …
  5. Pick your Racer Challenges. …
  6. Earn extra Rep by completing Activities at Night. …
  7. Plan your escape route.


What is the hardest race in NFS heat?

The Hardest Races/Events in the NFS franchise

  • Kurt`s Killer Ride – Need for Speed Underground. …
  • Eddies Challenge number 15 – Need for Speed. …
  • Pagani Huayra Time Trial Challenge – Need for Speed The RUN. …
  • Challenge Series #21 Trade Paint – Need for Speed Carbon. …
  • Ryo Watanabe Drift Showdown #1 – Need for Speed Pro Street.
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Can you win first race in NFS heat?

THE FIRST ****ING RACE is impossible to win even on easy because this cheating piece of **** Dex just takes off and is impossible to catch no matter what.

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