Who won the 1998 Indy 500?

Who won the 1997 Indy 500?

Ари Лёйендейк

Who won the 1999 Indy 500?

Кенни Брек

Who has won the Indy 500 3 times?

Three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Louis Meyer regularly drank buttermilk to refresh himself on a hot day and happened to drink some in Victory Lane as a matter of habit after winning the 1936 race.

Who are the 4 time winners of the Indy 500?

Forty-six year old Helio Castroneves won his fourth Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, joining A.J. Foyt, Al Unser Sr. and Rick Mears as the only four-time winners of the Indianapolis 500.

Who is the oldest living Indy 500 winner?

Following the death of 1960 Indianapolis 500 winner Jim Rathmann, Jones is now the oldest living “500” winner.

How many drivers have died at the Indy 500?

In the history of the famous Brickyard, 73 people have died because of racing since 1909, including drivers, mechanics, and spectators. The latest spectator incident happened in 1987 when a tire went airborne into the grandstands and killed a 41-year-old man from Wisconsin.

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Who won the 2000 Indy 500?

Juan Pablo Montoya

Who won the 1995 Indy 500?

Jacques Villeneuve

Why do they drink milk at Indy 500?

The tradition started at the Indianapolis 500 by driver Louis Meyer simply requesting buttermilk to quench his thirst after the 1936 race. … The following year the Rookie becomes the official Milk Person and is given the honor of handing the ice-cold bottle of milk to the winning driver of the Indy 500.

What is the fastest Indy 500 time?

The fastest time to complete the Indianapolis 500 race is 2hr 41min 18.404sec (299.307km/h 185.981mph) by Arie Luyendyk (Netherlands) driving a Lola-Chevrolet on May 27, 1990.

Who has led the most laps in the Indy 500?

Indianapolis 500 Race Summaries

Rank Driver Laps Led
1 Al Unser 644
2 Ralph DePalma 612
3 Mario Andretti 556
4 A.J. Foyt 555

Has a woman ever won the Indianapolis 500?

On May 29, 2005, Patrick made her Indy 500 debut, becoming just the fourth female driver ever to compete in the celebrated 500-mile race, which was first held in 1911 and today is considered one of auto racing’s premier events. …

What is the prize for winning the Indy 500?

How much does the Indy 500 winner get? Prize money: $2 million (est.)

Who was the first 4 time winner of the Indy 500?

A.J Foyt is bigger than life. A strong-willed Texan that was an outstanding driver, and he really hated to lose. He was a four-time winner of the 500 taking the checkered flag in 1961, 1964, 1967 and 1977. He was the first driver to win the 500 four times.

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