Is Need for Speed Rivals OK for kids?

nfs rivals is a game where you can play as the bad guys or the good guys. … but if you have a four year old or something like that you should not buy this game for him or her. there is power ups that parents of younger kids might worry about. but ages 8 and up can play this game.

Is Need for Speed game OK for kids?

But parents should be aware of unmoderated multiplayer, which could expose kids to inappropriate comments, as well as the fact that plenty of logos for real cars, aftermarket parts, and other products are plastered on cars and billboards.

Is Need for Speed OK for a 10 year old?

This review…

Whereas it could have been based around something more to do with racing. Overall I would recommend for children over 10 as it has mature references and a lot of talking.

What age do you have to be to play Need for Speed?

Great for 12+

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Right straight to the point this game is fine for 12+ The violence in this game is crashing your car not bad at all. Language in this game is not bad at all what you would hear in a 12+ Movie all they say is s—t and a— that’s it nothing bad if you kid goes to school they will hear much much worse.

Is Need for Speed Rivals good?

Need for Speed Rivals is a fun and enjoyable racing game that sports really nice looking visuals and a strong multiplayer mode. There’s nothing really new and incredibly exciting, but everything works fine. The good news: Rivals tops The Run and Most Wanted.

Which need for speed is best for kids?

Need for Speed: Underground 2

This is by far the best Need for Speed game, combining the best driving physics, soundtrack and car customisations of the entire series. It has a big open world to explore, a fun story to play through and exciting racing throughout.

Why is NFS Heat a 16?

A handful of cutscenes depict additional acts of violence: a police officer kicking a man in the stomach; a character punching a policeman; characters held at gunpoint. The words “sh*t” and “a*shole” are heard in the game.

Does NFS heat cuss?

The soundtrack and dialouge has a few minor curse words but nothing major. … Besides the bad role models, minor curse words, and false sense of police the game is entertaining, has a good story line, and controls make sense.

Why is NFS rated TV 14?

Violence & Gore

Many disturbing violent crash scenes.

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What is need for speed rated?


Is NFS Heat open world?

Need for Speed Heat is a racing game set in an open world environment called Palm City, a fictionalised version of the city Miami, Florida and its surrounding area.

Can kids play NFS payback?

Parents need to know that Need for Speed Payback is a racing game that’s safe for all but the youngest gamers, though parents might want to talk to teenagers who either just started driving or will be soon to explain how this game differs from real-life driving.

Is Need For Speed 2 player?

All games in the series have some form of multiplayer mode allowing players to race one another via a split screen, a LAN or the Internet. Since Need for Speed: High Stakes, the series has also integrated car body customization into gameplay.

Why was NFS Rivals bad?

The game is extremely unfair, it’s broken, there’s basically no multiplayer mode, playing as a racer is infuriating because you can just touch a wall, die, lose all your money and wait a full minute for the game to load again, there isn’t enough content, and the pursuit techs aren’t balanced at all.

What is the best car in Need for Speed Rivals?

Forum:Your best cars in NFS Rivals?

  • Rank 1-5: BMW M3 GTS.
  • Rank 6-10: Ferrari 458 Spider.
  • Rank 11-15: Porsche 918 Spyder (2013)
  • Rank 16-20: Ferrari Enzo.


How many GB is Need for Speed Rivals?

Storage: 30 GB available space.

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