What is NFS Ganesha?

NFS Ganesha is a user mode file server that supports NFSv3, NFSv4, and NFSv4.1 including pNFS for distributed filesystems. It uses loadable filesystem driver modules to support its backend filesystems.

How do I start NFS Ganesha?

Pre-requisites to run NFS-Ganesha

  1. On one (primary) node in the cluster, run: …
  2. Deploy the pubkey ~root/. …
  3. Copy the keys to all nodes in the cluster, run: …
  4. Create a directory named “nfs-ganesha” in shared storage path and create ganesha.conf & ganesha-ha.conf in it(from glusterfs 3.9 onwards)

What is Ganesha Fsal?

GANESHA makes use of backend modules called “File System Abstraction Layers” or FSAL. A FSAL provides all the necessary calls to access a file system. NFSv4 requires only a few “mandatory” attributes for files and directories, which makes it possible to address very basic file systems.


1.2. Ceph File System architecture. Ceph File System (CephFS) is a distributed file system that you can use with either NFS-Ganesha using the NFS v4 protocol (supported) or CephFS native driver.

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