How long is Mario Kart Wii?

Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 114 6h 03m
Main + Extras 81 14h 25m
Completionists 65 23h 06m
All PlayStyles 260 12h 55m

How big is Mario Kart Wii?

WBFS Sizes

ID Title Size
ROLE8P Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games 3.38GB
RMCE01 Mario Kart Wii 2.79GB
RM3E01 Metroid Prime 3: Corruption 4.12GB
R3OE01 Metroid: Other M 7.26GB

What is the longest track in Mario Kart Wii?

[MK] So I figured out exactly what the longest tracks in the…

  • Wario Colosseum – 1:23.9.
  • GCN Rainbow Road – 1:15:6.
  • Wii Rainbow Road – 1:09.9.
  • Wii Bowser’s Castle – 1:09.
  • GCN Bowser’s Castle – 1:07.4.
  • Koopa Cape – 1:06.9.
  • Maple Treeway – 1:05.2.
  • Rock Rock Mountain – 1:03.6.


How many levels in Mario Kart Wii?

When you initially begin playing the game, you have access to four levels: Flower, Mushroom, Banana and Shell Cup. To unlock all of the levels on “Mario Kart Wii,” you must win a trophy at each of the Cups. Win a trophy in the Flower and Mushroom Cup to unlock the Star Cup.

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Is Mario Kart Wii still selling?

The best-selling game of the series is Mario Kart Wii, which sold approximately 37.2 million units worldwide as of December 2019.

Unit sales of Mario Kart video games worldwide as of December 2019, by title (in millions)

Title (console) Unit sales in millions

What is the biggest Wii game?

The 10 Biggest Selling Nintendo Wii Games Of All Time

  • Wii Sports Resort. …
  • New Super Mario Bros. …
  • Wii Play. …
  • Wii Fit. …
  • Wii Fit Plus. …
  • Super Smash Bros. …
  • Super Mario Galaxy. …
  • Wii Party.


How do you unlock Funky Kong?

In Mario Kart Wii, Funky Kong is an unlockable playable heavyweight character. He can be unlocked by obtaining four Expert Staff Ghosts. He has his own battle arena, Funky Stadium.

Is Rainbow Road in Mario Kart Wii?

Rainbow Road is the final track of the Special Cup in Mario Kart Wii. This tricky course has a Super Mario Galaxy theme.

What is the longest Mario Kart track ever?

Rainbow Road is the final track in Mario Kart 64 and the last course of the Special Cup. It is the longest racecourse in Mario Kart 64, at 2,000 meters (2 kilometers), and requires about two minutes per lap, making it the longest three-lap track in the whole series.

What is the world record for Mario Kart Wii Rainbow Road?

Fortunately, this wouldn’t be the case and he secured his 2’14″677 world record run, almost 10 whole seconds faster than the previous record.

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How old is WIIU?

Wii U

A Wii U (right) and Wii U GamePad
Type Home video game console
Generation Eighth generation
Release date NA: November 18, 2012 PAL: November 30, 2012 JP: December 8, 2012
Lifespan 2012–2017

Why is Mario Kart Wii so expensive?

It is the game to have on a system that sold millions. High demand. Because tools are still willing to pay that price for the game. Also the Wii is on the upswing for being collectible.

Is Mario Kart Wii Multiplayer?

Mario Kart Wii is a 2008 kart racing video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii. The game features multiple single-player and multiplayer game modes including a four-person split screen. …

How much was Mario Kart Wii?

Mario Kart Wii Wii

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2021-05-08 Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii, 2008) Complete With Manual – Tested & Works $31.50
2021-05-06 Mario Kart (Wii, 2008) CIB and Wheel. $26.00
2021-05-06 MARIO KART Wii (Nintendo Wii, 2008) Game Disc & Case & Manual $24.50
2021-05-06 Mario Kart (Wii, 2008) CIB $21.50

Do WIIU games work on Wii?

It is not possible to play Wii U games on Wii.

Is the Wii discontinued?

The Wii was formally discontinued in October 2013, though Nintendo continued to produce and market the Wii Mini through 2017, and offered a subset of the Wii’s online services through 2019.

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