How good was Dale Earnhardt Jr?

While he didn’t find the same success as his father, he still won 26 races at the sport’s highest level, took home the checkered flag at two Daytona 500s, and earned 15 NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver titles. Earnhardt Jr. also made plenty of money along the way, building up an estimated net worth of $300 million.

Is Dale Earnhardt Jr a good racer?

He’s won a pair of Dayton 500s. He’s claimed 26 NASCAR Cup Series victories and added 24 more in the Xfinity Series. Earnhardt Jr. is even a 2021 inductee of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Despite all his success as a racing adult, he wasn’t the most successful Earnhardt racing child.

Jr is popular in part to his name. When he came into the sport, many Earnhardt fans latched onto him as well, especially after Sr’s death in 2001. However, as the years went by, he also developed his own following, which probably went above and beyond what Sr had.

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Is Dale Earnhardt Jr a good Nascar driver?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. … Earnhardt’s success at Daytona International Speedway throughout his career earned him the nickname “Pied Piper” of Daytona. He is a two-time Daytona 500 winner (2004 and 2014), and has won the Most Popular Driver Award fifteen consecutive times from 2003 to 2017.

Who was better Dale Sr or Dale Jr?

Dale Sr. had 676 NASCAR Cup Series races over 27 years with 76 wins and 428 top-10s. He also had 136 NASCAR Xfinity Series races over 13 years with 21 wins and 75 top-10s. Dale Jr. had 631 NASCAR Cup Series races over 19 years with 26 wins and 260 top-10 finishes.

Why did Dale Jr leave DEI?

Earnhardt Jr. left DEI over a bitter contract dispute that revolved around ownership and control of the team and its declining performance. To protect his own brand and further his career, he had to leave his father’s team — a travesty and deathblow to DEI.

What is Dale Earnhardt Jr net worth?

In total, Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s net worth reportedly clocks in at roughly $300 million. Even if he never won a Cup Series crown, that’s still pretty impressive.

What does Dale Earnhardt Jr own?

While the company went out of business in 2006, Junior found much more success as the team owner of JR Motorsports, a NASCAR Xfinity and Truck Series team that he co-owns with Rick Hendrick and sister Kelley Earnhardt Miller.

What’s Dale Earnhardt Jr doing now?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has become a successful analyst on NBC

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. has followed up his racing career (that resulted in 26 wins in the NASCAR Cup Series and 15 consecutive Most Popular Driver awards) with a successful career in the booth. Earnhardt is now a racing analyst for NBC.

Does Dale Jr own any Nascar cars?

The team is based in Mooresville, North Carolina, co-owned by former NASCAR Cup Series driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., his sister Kelley Earnhardt Miller, and the owner of his former Cup Series team, Rick Hendrick.

JR Motorsports.

Series NASCAR Xfinity Series NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series CARS Tour

Where does Dale Earnhardt Jr rank all time?

Before his 2016 concussion issues, Junior was in the midst of a career resurgence. After winning once from 2009-13 in 178 starts, Earnhardt Jr. won seven times in 72 races from 2014-15, tied for the fourth-most wins in the series.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Laps led 8,195 19th
*Modern era began in 1972

Where is Dale Earnhardt buried at?

Earnhardt Estate, Mooresville

Does Dale Earnhardt Jr own a race team?

JR Motorsports is the professional race team owned by Dale Earnhardt Jr. JR Motorsports tours nationally in the NASCAR Xfinity Series with four full-time entries and has three championships (2014, 2017 and 2018) to its credit and 46 series victories.

Who is greatest Nascar driver of all time?

Greatest NASCAR Drivers of All Time

  • Tony Stewart. Tony Stewart after winning the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at the Daytona International Speedway.
  • Tim Flock. …
  • Terry Labonte. …
  • Kevin Harvick. …
  • Kyle Busch. …
  • Herb Thomas. …
  • Rusty Wallace. …
  • Joey Logano. …
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Is Dale Earnhardt Jr overrated?

1. Dale Earnhardt Jr. … Dale Jr. has the biggest fanbase in NASCAR but is an average driver at best. Until he starts to get serious and become a real contender for the championship, Dale will remain the most overrated driver in NASCAR.

Did Dale Jr win the Daytona 500?

won his first Daytona 500 on February 15, 2004.

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