How fast are Andretti go karts?

How fast are your karts? Our Junior Karts go up to 15mph and our Adult Karts go up to 35mph.

What is the average speed of a go kart?

Most karts max out around 40-50mph, while this is a maintained speed that is safe and as controlled as you can be. It’s a speed that is comfortable in the sense of you wont fly off the track, and hurt other racers or patrons. At LVGP ours max out at around 45mph.

How fast is a 270cc go kart?

A 270cc kart can reach speeds of between 60-80 mph.

How tall do you have to be to ride a go kart at Andretti?

What are the special requirements for kids? All drivers need to be at least 48 inches tall, at least 6 years of age and be able to safely operate the karts. Racers under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a minor release liability form.

How much is Andretti go kart racing?

3 answers. It cost us over $350.00 USD for the day. Again, we liked their concept, but with the membership cost (good for 1 year). Plus the cart racing per family member $50.00 for 3 races.

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How fast is a 1000cc go kart?

An r1 go kart , 1000 cc top speed of 200 mph /320 kmph Description

How fast will a 200cc go kart go?

The top speed of a 200cc go-kart depends on whether its engine is a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke, as they displace power differently. A 2-stroke 200cc go-kart will reach 120mph at top speed, and a 4-stroke 200cc go-kart will reach 75mph.

How fast can a 20 hp go-kart go?

Each adult kart has a 20 horsepower electric motor that reaches speeds up to 50MPH, while the junior karts reach speeds up to 25MPH. Our sophisticated timing system allows us to regulate the speed for novice racers in order to maintain a safe racing environment.

How fast will a 125cc go-kart go?

125cc karts typically reach between 70mph and 80mph. Weather conditions, track layout and tire usage will all contribute to the speed of a go-kart on a track. Different levels of engine horsepower are another factor in the top speeds of these karts.

How fast can a 390cc go-kart go?

The 390cc SR5 model, shown here, is designed for outdoor racing at speeds up to 70mph. With fast acceleration and limpet like handling you will not experience this type of racing anywhere else.

How expensive is Andretti’s?

Single Adult Race $19.95 $23.95
Three Race Pack Adult $49.95 N/A
Single Intermediate Race $16.95 $20.95
Three Race Pack Intermediate $43.95 N/A

What do you do at Andretti’s?

Andretti Indoor Karting & Games in Marietta is a premier entertainment/event destination featuring high-speed electric Superkarts on a road course style track, State of the Art Arcade, Ropes Course, Two-Level Laser Tag, Racing Simulators, Boutique Bowling, XD Dark Ride Motion Theater and Hologate, an immersive …

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Does Andretti have bowling?


The fresh, delicious menu of Andretti Grill can be enjoyed right at your lane, so you won’t spare a second of fun with family and friends. … A one-of-a-kind bowling experience with a little class thrown in.

Is Andretti kid friendly?

Good family fun but not for small children – Review of Andretti Indoor Karting and Games – Roswell, Roswell, GA – Tripadvisor.

How fast are K1 Speed Karts?

K1 Speed’s 20-horsepower electric go-karts can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour – the fastest in the industry.

How much does K1 Speed Cost?

The cost of a K1 Speed Annual Membership is only $7 and you get all of the above! As you can see, you’ll get one free race within the week of your birthday – that’s over $20 in value alone!

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